UV Tanning



This state-of-the-art high-pressure bed provides color results immediately. While low-pressure tanning beds require 10-15 visits to establish a base tan, a high-pressure bed only requires 3-4 sessions at a maximum tanning time of up to 12 minutes.

Maintaining a tan has never been easier, 1-2 visits a month will sustain the dark golden results you crave. Think of all the valuable time you will save – just like Magic.

The most powerful tanning bed on the planet
is also the least likely to burn you.

360° UVA High-Pressure bulbs give a deep
bronze tan, in fewer sessions, faster.

Open design for a more comfortable, relaxing tan.

Try it – once you do, you will be a believer!


P90 Hybrid

The P90 features 4 levels of facial tanning, 3 levels of body intensity tanning and shoulder tanners. Three levels of body and facial fans along with a self container air conditioner give you control for a comfortable tanning temperature. Also included is room aroma and quadruple misty breeze. With full high pressure tanning lamps on top and full length body lamps on the lounge, the P-90 is simply a combo of the iBed and the Sunboard with a little extra horsepower.



From the manufacturer known for producing the world’s most luxurious tanning beds comes the world’s finest tanning bed ever made! Already considered the top of the tanning industry in Europe and now in the US! There is simply no other bed to compare it to!

The S Class bed features AfterBronzer: Up to 3 minutes extra high-pressure facial tanning time, exclusive XTT, X-Treme Tan Tec for the industry’s most powerful facials, soft, misty breeze through the session, easy-to-reach, user-friendly controls, continual aromatherapy throughout – fragrances formulated for relaxation, frosted for even UV dispersion, self contained air conditioner and body and face breeze system.



The Lotus tanning bed by UWE features 160 watt tanning and 3 400 watt high pressure facial lamps. With a total of 43 Tanning Lamps the Lotus puts out a solid 10,000 watt of power. Tantimes in the Lotus are a maximum of 12 minutes and the bed is solidly constructed with molded aluminum extrusions and frosted acrylics. The result is a wonderful mid-level tanning bed that looks great and is extremely reliable. The Lotus tanning bed and UWE the manufacturer are based in Germany and have the quality fit and finish one would expect from UWE.






Our stand-up booths enable you to get a 360 degree tan in a hygiene-rich environment…you tan faster and eliminate any risk of body fluid contamination. They provide a cool and comfortable tanning experience that’s enjoyable for all.

With our Stand-Up tanning units, get the fatest tan possible. We offer a variety of tanning booths with session times as fast as 8 minutes!