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Pura Sunlesspura

Our Pura booth is better by design. Why? Because the Pura booth gets you better results in less time. What more do you need to know? From its two Simple Positions to its Heated Comfort Dry Pass and Trinity Mist™ sprayers, Pura has features like no other to give you results like no other.


Watch the video to see how it works.



Choose Either an Extended Tan (Clear) or Extended Tan with Instant Cosmetic Bronzer

Extended Tan (clear) – Goes on clear while a long lasting, natural extended tan develops over the next 4-8 hours

Extended Tan with Instant Cosmetic Bronzer – Immediate deep, natural cosmetic color fused with an extended tan

Formulated with Eco-Certified DHA and Erythrulose for a long lasting, beautiful tan.


Hydrate Skin & Extend Your Spray Tan

Add the Moisturizing Post-Spray treatment for immediate hydration

which helps deepen and extend color development.

Formulated with:

Green Tea Extract to help reduce free-radical damage and environmental stress on the skin.

Ginger Root Extract to help increase circulation





Custom Airbrush by Sun Studio LA

Sun Studio LA

Sun Studio LA unquestionably offers the most advanced custom airbushing system available today, which garnered notoriety after being voted LA’s #1 Spray Tan by CitySearch in 2013.  There are numerous advantages to airbrush tanning (by technician) verses the automated (machine) spray tans. Our certified trained technicians will customize your airbrush tan specifically to your body type and needs: want to go darker on the legs, lighter on face (or vice versa)—no problem, we can do anything you want. That’s the beauty of a hand spray-on airbrush tan.

Before your Airbrush Session;  Shower, shave, and exfoliate.

This bare skin will yield the best tanning result.

*We ask you leave the solution on the skin 10-12 hours before a shower.


Questionable Products & After Tan Care:

  • Use our daily extending lotion for a longer lasting and even fading after tan result.
  • Bar soaps, especially deodorant, or antibacterial varieties
  • A women’s tan may develop differently during various hormonal changes [ovulation, menstruation, pregnancy] It may be streaky, patchy, fade worse, or produce lighter or no color.
  • Curel Lotion can affect a sunless tan.
  • Dove soap, and Dove Shower gel will fade a tan faster.
  • Shaving exfoliates skin and can fade a tan. Hair conditioner works nicely and usually won’t “damage tan”. Wash off the conditioner when finished.
  • Hot tubs or swimming pools contain chlorine that can act to bleach the skin. [Thick waterproof sunscreen lotions like Bullfrog can help protect the skin.] Long hot baths can soften the skin and affect the “tan” on some people.
  • Sweating feet inside shoes or behind knees and arm bends can fade a tan faster, or make the color guide look greenish or yellowish. Powder areas with our desert dust.
  • Bathing or showering with a loofah, scrub brush,  or any other rough body cleansing item. Use a soft wash cloth or puffy sponge and clean skin gently with one of our Tanning Body Cleansers.

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